# Being a Hub Member

# About The Hubs

Hubs are central to Life Itself’s mission to create a weller, wiser world. Hubs house members of the Life Itself community, and create a welcoming space to live and be, to share and connect.

Life Itself currently has two hubs: Berlin and Bergerac. Visit our website to discover more about our hubs (opens new window).

# Agreement

The Residents’ Agreement (opens new window) applies to both long-term residents and guests.

# Our Principles and Practices

Some of the most important principles and practices that we maintain to foster a community are Beginning Anew, Five Mindfulness Trainings, and Five Remembrances.

# Community

From the Life Itself manifesto (opens new window):

A community for people seeking a wiser world

Though living in societies which have never been so rich our sense of purpose and connection is often missing. A growing number of us are seeking lives that are meaningful as well as productive yet we struggle to find a balance, finding ourselves trapped in conflict.

With Life Itself we want to offer a way to combine wiser and weller ways of living whilst remaining engaged in conventional society.

Our approach focuses on fostering a community of people seeking a wiser world. We do this by providing space, a network and knowledge:

  • Space in the form of physical places that can act as homes for our community members to work, meet and stay.
  • Network in the form of gatherings that bring the community together to reflect, learn and connect.
  • Knowledge in the form of education and research to develop and share ideas, approaches and best practices.

We are practical and natural. We connect the ancient and the modern. Our interests ranges from nature to neuroscience, Dada to data. We seek harmony and balance: art and techne, earth and spirit, science and wisdom, freedom and discipline, mindfulness and intention.

# Frequently Asked Questions

# The following FAQs are addressed explicitly in the Residents’ Agreement (opens new window):

  • What’s shared/common and what’s private?
  • What time do we spend together?
  • Can I eat meat? Can I drink alcohol?
  • Can my partner stay?
  • Can my friends visit me?
  • How do you manage conflicts?

# What’s the rent?

Rents vary according to the location and size of the room/apartment. For example, in Berlin, rents range from between €560-€1015/month.

# Do I get to own my space?

Please see the Co-living model (opens new window) for details about Life Itself’s co-ownership vision.

# Can I make changes to the building/space?

From the terms and conditions of residency (opens new window):

When leaving your residency we ask you to not leave any trace unless agreed, and put things back where you found them; to not colonise the space nor information (books, dvd’s etc.), and keep information, materials, equipment and spaces available as you found them.

# Who do I talk to if I have a question?

Every hub has a dedicated manager whom you will be able to contact with any queries.

# How are you governed?

In the hubs, we make many decisions collectively. In doing so, we respect each other, maintain our principles (opens new window) and resolve conflicts (opens new window) with integrity, determined to transform conflicts into positive growth.

For information on how Life Itself is governed, please see Governance (opens new window).

# How long can I stay?

The residency is available for one week minimum to three months maximum. For more information or to apply please see Short Stay (opens new window). If you would like to stay with Life Itself long term, then please apply (opens new window) to one of our homes.

# How does a typical week look like in the hub?

Below is an example of a timetable showcasing how communal life at our hubs could look like. The hubmembers collectively decide which practices are being put into place, so this is only a snippet of an evermoving process. In general, life in the community is what you make it, so feel free to add to the programme yourself!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Community Breakfast
Community Breakfast
Workshop by a hubmember
Workshop by a hubmember
Community Practice
(6-8 pm)
Community Dinner
(7:30-8:30 pm)

# What am I part of?

Life Itself is on a mission to make the world a wiser, weller place. For more information, visit the About section of the website (opens new window).

# What is Life Itself’s business model / mission?

For more information, please see the Co-living (opens new window) and Governance (opens new window) models at Life Itself.

# How am I supposed to represent Life Itself?

Please see the Levels of Involvement (opens new window) section of the Governance guide.

# What is the difference between Life Itself and Art/Earth/Tech?

Art / Earth / Tech rebranded in 2020 to become Life Itself.